About Us

Consignment Heaven is a local Dallas consignment store in the Knox-Henderson neighborhood on a street speckled with historic homes, antique stores and awesome restaurants.

This is not your ordinary consignment furniture store. Consignment Heaven evolved from Brant’s original Brant Laird Antiques, where he dealt in decidedly upscale and quality antique, designer and vintage furniture and accessories.

A shift happened in the mid-1990s, when the consignment furniture side of the Dallas-based shop slowly grew, and today it is the mainstream of this business.

Consignment furniture shopping offers a bonus in addition to good pricing. Buyers often find antique, custom, designer and vintage pieces that can’t be found elsewhere at any price.

Shopping at consignment stores requires knowledge and skill. “We sell at Dallas County fair-market value, which would be more like an auction price or a high-end estate sale price,” Mr. Laird explains.

Basically you are relying on the taste of the owner to choose things that his clientele will appreciate, and Brant Laird has that taste (and clientele demanding that taste) in spades. Each day, new arrivals with style tempt the bargain hunters, as well as the interior designers who find the shop a must for their clients.